Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Summer Part Three

Jared and I have been struggling to be sealed together for quite a long time and on July 28, 2012 it finally came true for us. I was 38 weeks pregnant. We prepared so excited to get this done!

Our children were so excited to see what the inside of the temple would look like.

I was so worried that my little baby would decided to come in the temple!
The Temple was under construction so I didn't add a pic of the building.
It was such a wonderful experience. The BEST day of my life! 
We love each other for forever!

Our Summer Part Two

Jayda & BrookLynn celebrated their birthday together this year because our baby was due 2 weeks after Brookie's birthday and one week before Jayda's. 
We had a family barbecue. We have quite a big family..

It was a party built for princesses!

It was a very successful party!

Our Summer Part One

Oh where do I begin.. This summer was crazy and wonderful. It was Wonderfully Crazy. I will start at the beginning. 
In June we celebrated family birthdays! We also celebrated the fact that Jared was home! (He took a semester off to help prepare for the baby.)
We also prepared for a lovely baby shower! It is so much fun preparing for a boy!!

I once knew how to do slideshows of pictures but now I just know how to lay them out. I need to blog more and keep up on the technique. :)

The next weekend was July 4th. We had so many games that week. Brandon pitched and was incredible!!

On July 4th We had so much fun taking the kids bowling and then having a barbecue and fireworks at home!



We didn't get any pics of the barbecue or the fireworks. Probably because Jared was lighting the fire and Brookie was completely losing it. I had to keep her under a blanket because she was SO afraid of the fire and the noise. I was worried that she would run out of oxygen under there!