Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Almost May!

I can't believe that tomorrow is May!
I'm finding that my addictions to Instagram and Facebook kinda leave my blog like a bad re-run.. I will try to post things that I haven't posted on other sites. :)

Brookie had her Un-Birthday at school and then went on a really fun play date! It was HER day!! 

For Baylee's birthday all she wanted was a sister date to get her nails done! I was happy to oblige!

 Jay lost her first tooth and since then has been asking over and over if the tooth-fairy is real. She thinks the tooth-fairy is a man.. Ha!!

One of the daily pictures I send to Gina at work.

My 3 youngest playing on the floor during one of our Thursday nights!
Gina and I watch Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy together every Thursday night!

Someone accidentally ran their car into BrookLynn's preschool. It was only two weeks ago and the repairs are almost complete. Scary day!

 When I come in to do the dishes, Jared video chats his brother but doesn't say a word.. They alter their faces on the screen and laugh at their funny faces and then they say.. "See Ya!" I love it!! 15 minutes of faces and laughs!

Bane FINALLY took to his crib! YAY!!

 Happy baby boy!

We have gone full force into Baseball season! We have practices on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday and games on Tuesday and Thursday! We are always on the field now. Brandon made the Majors Yankees team. (In his age group there is AAA and the Majors) 

 So thankful for Danielle at the games!! She helps me keep the 3 kids in the stands that I am responsible for happy and out of the other spectators way! :)

Since we haven't had a lot of time to date each other Jared's made a ton of yummy food for our date nights and breakfast. :) I love his patty melts! Everyone should try Jared's food at least one time in their life!!

Gina bought me a gift certificate to The Cheesecake Factory for my birthday back in January and we haven't had the opportunity to go until a couple weeks ago. It was the first time I've been and I fell in love!! It was soooo good!! I ate sooooo much! After we ate, we walked around City Creek and Temple Square. It was a WONDERFUL night!!

I have had the opportunity to reconnect with an old friend this past couple of weeks. As many of you know, there were a couple of years in my life where I really struggled. I met Janet during that time and she has constantly stayed in my life at a distance and now that I have happier times and I know that I can focus more time on friendship and less time on healing myself, we have come back together!

How Brookie eats Guacamole.. :)

Bane and my crazy face pic watching the sun start to set.

During one of our cheap date-nights, Jared planned to have a romantic fire and a movie on his tablet. We then invited Blake, Aubrey, Justin, and Whitney so we had to get a bigger screen.. Jared wheeled our big screen out to the back yard. It was SO fun!

One of my favorite times of the week is my lunch date with my bestie. Meg always lets me rattle my life off to her for a couple hours and centers me! I love it!! She is seriously the best! Life would be a darker place if I didn't have Meg!

So, we create lots of fun. It's time to focus on the positive instead of dwell on the negative. I have made a goal to not speak negatively on social media. I was able to attend a women's conference where this special woman, Hilary Weeks, (look her up on youtube to see her music videos) talked about women and how we focus on the negative about ourselves. The negativity breeds in our minds and then it comes naturally to us. Thinking positively also has this effect. She took one of those counter clicker things and she clicked how many times she thought negatively about herself or any situation and at the end of her day she clicked over 300 times. She then started clicking positive thoughts even if it was just clicking when her head hit the pillow at night and it is helping her transform the way she looks at herself and her life. I am trying this. I may even buy a clicker! My thought of the day.. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Break Part 2

I have been waiting to post this because of computer issues. I can't get all of my pictures off of this disc. I have some pictures but not all that I wanted to include.. I will edit later when I can figure it out! :)

Tuesday, we met up with Meg and her two youngest for a playdate at McDonald's. Love our almost weekly playdates!!

Wednesday we took off for Topaz Mountain! Jared's company took off for a couple days of camping!  

I had no idea where Topaz Mountain was.. It was great!! And not many people were up there!

It was clear out in the desert! No cell phone signals for about a half an hour! It was nice to get away from the screens. But, My husband couldn't resist.. He brought the PA speakers and threw up a projector and we watched Jurassic Park the first night and The Avengers the second night. It was fun watching a movie right next to the fire. 

Brookie and Jayda finished about 50 cookies on day two. They loved having access to them. 

Bane had to do pretty much everything out of his car seat. He was such a trooper! 

 Our home for 3 days & 2 nights. It wasn't too shabby!

  Topaz Mountain is pretty cool because you can mine your own topaz and there were magnesium mines and old mine shafts and tons of things to explore. This is an old truck frame that Jared and Blake checked out.

If Bane wasn't in his car seat he was in the play pen or someones arms

The girls loved the go-kart. 

There were two four-wheeler accidents. Brandon completely flipped on a four wheeler and Ed hit a really big rock throwing the handlebars into his belly. It was an eventful day!! 

 Camp site.. 
Jared's handgun. Nuff  said!

The camp site under agers (and Blake) had a shooting competition. They shot a 22 and Brandon and Blake tied for first place!! :)  

Bane in his super cute portacrib (Thank you Jenn!!) 

Bran (after he rolled the four-wheeler and Blake.

 He's not hurt!

Topaz Mountain mining topaz
(Brookie up and Jayda Down)

So, I guess I had enough pics!!
We drove home on Friday. Hurried and put stuff away and did tons of laundry. Bran and Jay had a sleepover at Justin and Whitney's new house. They were so excited!
I doubled my cookie recipe and was up until 11:30 baking conference cookies!

How my mom looked at about 10:30 before I got her to go to bed! A new way of taking off her makeup. :) She had me take a pic so that she could see what she looked like. Still absolutely gorgeous!

Our Conference routine revolves around FOOD!
Saturday Morning: Jared makes homemade biscuits and gravy
Snacks: M&Ms (Peanut butter, Peanut, and Plain), Dad's amazing bean, guac, salsa thing, Ruffles & French Onion dip, etc.
Dinner: (I'll get to that)

Sunday Morning: My Dad's world famous Sourdough pancakes
More Treats
Dinner: Croissant Sandwiches with Deli meats and cheeses.. LOVE!

Saturday night Our men go to the church for Priesthood. It was Brandon's first year going. He was SO handsome!!

(Dad, Jared, & Bran) 

All the girls and Bane stayed home and ate yummy burgers from Arctic Circle and a movie, MaMa Mia. I had never seen the movie! It was awesome! Loved it!

McKayla was out of town with Sjanna all week in Las Vegas. Sjanna came up to drop McKayla off and I tightened her hair and she tightened mine. It was awesome. After all the kids were in bed we  played salon! Mom got her hair colored and cut but I didn't get a picture of her.

Spring Break was WONDERFUL! I loved the time with my husband and kids soo much! I didn't want to go back to normal life. I can't wait until summer!!