Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I love my sweet family

I love my sweet family

Brandon is an incredible helper. I never have to ask him twice to help out. He's always right there no questions asked. He was able to go to a school camp out overnight. It was near the same week that he had his maturation program. When he came out of that week HE was pretty sure that he become a man. :)

Jayda is as sweet as ever. She watches her sister while I prepare meals and makes sure BrookLynn doesn't go crazy everywhere. Jay has just started hating naps. But she loves Bananas so we're good! She shied away from napping and ended up throwing her entire sleeping schedule. 3:30am and ready to go was not a fun day :)

BrookLynn, although she's been two for about 7 months, I think it just clicked. She is into everything and loving every minute of it. It's not a "I'm into everything and making a mess".. It's more like, "I know that mom doesn't want me to touch her mascara and I know that mom goes crazy when I put it on my face, so I'll just bring it to her to show her I can get to it, reach it, and tell my mom that it's a NO NO!!" I imagine that is what she thinks :) 

Baby-in-Belly is making momma large! I'm only 4 months and I feel like I look like 6 month pregnant woman! So far, the baby is happy and healthy and we see the doctor on Friday to make sure of it and maybe schedule the appointment for the ultrasound to determine the sex and make sure everything about the baby is alright! :)

We are trudging along on this new schedule! Jared isn't getting much sleep but he has good grades. I make sure there isn't anything he needs to take care of when he gets home. I try to make it so that when he gets home he gets right in his jammies and gets ready to study. He has 24 hours of required homework that he compacts into 6.. He is the most incredible man I have ever met. I just can't believe he picked me!

We are soo blessed. We are soo in love. 

Monday, February 13, 2012


So many things have happened since the last few posts. My grandparents came up from Las Vegas for the weekend to celebrate my niece, McKayla's, birthday. It was a very crazy weekend! 

The Super Bowl party was great! We had a ton of people there!

 It's just a sad thing that our team lost.. Can't wait till next season!!
It was a bonding experience.

On Friday the 10th  a bunch of girls got together for Chili's and a late night showing of The Vow. It was so nice getting out with the girls and having a night out!! I didn't really care for the movie all that much but it was a great night out!!

With Jared working these intense schedules and me left to take care of everything.. I super failed today. I got in a car accident. :( The fault was 50/50.. I was turning into a lane and there was another man in the other lane turning into that same lane and we hit simultaneously. :( Our car doesn't even have plates yet. We bought it 3 weeks ago.. 
Jared is good with me about it but I am rippin myself apart about it.
It will all be good. It could've been much worse.. It can be fixed.. NO one got hurt.
I guess I needed a minute to vent frustrations. I am blessed that my car still runs! :)

Aubrey said that she would read The Hunger Games if I read Twilight.
Aubrey was done a few months ago and I finished last week! 
I hated the beginning of the book, but now I'm in love! Thank you to all of my friends that suggested I keep reading!! It's paying off!! 

Random Comment: I am so grateful for friends!

Looking Forward to:
March ~ Baby's gender 
and Hunger Games the Movie