Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I need to take more pictures!!

I have decided that we need to take more pictures. We ALWAYS have our camera but we have become lazy taking pictures.. Many things have happened the past few weeks and I have regretted that I haven't taken pics.. There may be some photos but not near enough and some were taken from my lovely sister-in-law, Bekkah.. 

October 8, 2011

Jared's parents wanted to get the whole family together and it was fun! it's amazing to see how much the family has grown! Jared has five other siblings.. Darin, Jamie, Jonny, Jodi, and Jaycee. Now they are grown, married, have children.. It has been fun to see this family grow.. What a fun night! We spray painted shirts & marshmallow guns and fed face!

October 16, 2011

This was the last Primary Program for my sister, Baylee, and my niece, McKayla. They are turning 12 before the next program and will advance to Young Women. Brandon was asked to give a talk, Bay and McKayla were given a written line to recite, and Jay was in the front row singing all the songs perfectly! It was so nice to go to church bright and early and see my sister Gina there! We have been spending more time together lately which is the highlight of my life right now. (I was sooo sick this day and super weepy)

October 18, 2011
{my new calling}

At the end of September I was called to be a Webelos leader! I was soo taken back! I have no idea how to be a Boy Scout leader and I have felt sooo helpless trying to help Brandon get his badges or support him in his progression as a Boy Scout. So it was definitely a blessing! I feel like I'm getting to know the things I need to know to get Brandon where he needs to be.
I love the woman I serve with. She is my leader in Relief Society and now Scouts.. (She is the Activities committee President for Relief Society and I am on her committee.) We took some pictures at the last Den Meeting we had. She had her Father-in-Law come teach the boys how to make a rope!! SOO MUCH FUN!! The boys loved it! 
I now have to figure out how to let Bran be a boy and not mother him soo much around his friends or at the meetings..

October 20th - 24th, 2011

It was such a nice much needed break! My Grandma and Grandpa Scott and my Great Grandma Wines were able to come up from Las Vegas! It's always fun when they are here! 
Jared needed a break from school and we all enjoyed Saturday morning biscuits and gravy!! His homemade biscuits and gravy should win an award!!
My little sister, Aubrey, had her wisdom teeth pulled the Wednesday before the break so we lent her the Playstation so she could start Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. She was pretty much restricted to the couch. Tyler and Kendra came over to visit. She has the best friends!
Aubs and I went to Gina's and had some much needed sister chill time. Kendra stopped by half way through and hung out with us! Loved this day!
Saturday and Sunday we were able to have a nice family dinner. Justin & Whitney came and it was just a very pleasant time.


I have been sick since Saturday the 15th.. I've had ALL the symptoms.. Totally regret that I didn't get a flu shot!!
Gina told me that I needed to start the show The Vampire Diaries. So we decided that we would start it from the beginning. When I got sick it seemed like the perfect time to start! 
Jared was home more, Fall Break, so he also got involved. (I love that he is open to watching ALL shows!)
Unfortunately, I share.. Gina and Jared also got sick.. and Brookie.. and Jay.. and Bran...
Jared missed work and school yesterday and today.
We sit on the couch and watch Vampire Diaries ALL day with our Kleenex, medicines, food, in our jammies, covered in blankets. It is a sad scene.. :( Gave me time to update my blog though!! :)

So that is what has been going on the last few weeks.  I promise to update more frequently so next time I don't post a novel!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I simply can not believe that it is October already! Time is flying by!

A little bit of an update..

JARED~ The busiest person I know. He is working hard at school full time, his full time job, Maintaining Fatherhood Perfection, & rockin his Church calling. I do not know how he does all that he does. He is an inspiration and such an example of charity. I love this man!! (I could talk about him forever.. So, I'll spare you)

BRANDON~ The sweetest boy I know. My sister is just a year older than Bran and they go to the same school. The other day, I looked out the window and saw Brandon carrying his backpack and my little sister's backpack. WHAT A STUD!! 
He is the best older brother that anyone could ask for. He is the best Son anyone could ever ask for.
He keeps busy with Friends, Scouts, & Family.. 

JAYDA~ Always the princess!! She is going to her second year of Pre-school at Learning Dynamics! She loves her class. She loves to come home and tell all of the stories that happened throughout the school day. (Although she saves the 'good' stories for Daddy and tells him when he gets home from work)
She is very excited to announce that she is going to be Cinderella for Halloween. One of her little girlie friends had a Birthday party where she was able to wear her costume and she was sooo excited!!

Another little Angel.. Although she has a spark at times.. Just like her Mommy!! 

BROOKLYNN~ She stays at home with me. She loves to help with Chores, Sing (especially Adele & "Moves Like Jagger"), Dress up, and scare the crap out of me climbing to the top of the jungle gym and slide down the slide. (a good 6 feet up) She is such a joy to our little family. 

Health Update: She sees a Pediatric Surgeon on the 6th of this month to check on her little liver. (When she was born she had to have an Umbilical IV. The catheter was pushed through to her liver. She contracted Staph infection in the center of her liver. She went septic and we almost lost her a couple times. But she's a fighter!! NOT a doctor there thought she was going to make it.. But she's still here!! (Climbing to the top of slides and scaring me half to death!!)

We are sooo excited for the Fall and HALLOWEEN! 
I promise to blog more! :)