Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

Such an amazing week! Mother's Day was awesome!
Saturday Jared planned to take me to breakfast at Kneaders because I had never had their FAMOUS french toast and it was free for the mothers. When we drove up we saw all of the cars and the people walking in.. It was a hike to get there and then a wait. They had tents set up so I pictured us sitting elbow to elbow with someone we didn't know.. So.. We went to Magelby's Fresh.. GOOD CALL!! It was soooo yummy!! They serve their french toast with strawberries, bananas, and white syrup!! YUM!!
We went on our favorite date after that. 

My sister Gina came over that afternoon and we were able to chat about the whole week. It was crazy not to be able to see her every day. We took a couple hours to catch up, but there is no one like your sister!! :)

We attended one of Jared's buddies wedding reception that night and it just made me realize how in love I am with my husband. I swear everything makes me realize how lucky I am to have him in my life. I'm so happy that he chose and stuck by me! I hope to make him the happiest man ever! :)

Sunday was the BEST day! Jared wanted to make sure that I didn't have a thing to do. We got up and got the everyone out the door to church. (After Sacrament Meeting the young boys in our ward gave the moms Caramellos!)

(FYI I'm seven months pregnant. I'm loving it. So you'll see my subject matter and excitement in the food I eat!!)

We got home from church and Jared fed the girls and put them to bed. I was able to slowly get out of my church clothes and come to the kitchen for lunch. When I got there Jared was making his famous Too Much Chocolate Cake..

Yum!! Then he sat with me for a while. It was perfect outside and we were just lounging around talking.

Baylee, my 12 year old little sister, came and called out to me to come upstairs. I came up and she had her foot bath/massage out and she had just given my mom a pedicure. She had me sit down in a recliner next to my mom and gave me a pedicure! It was sooo sweet and thoughtful! (Especially because I can't really reach my feet anymore.)

After that my Dad had prepared Artichokes for our appetizer. I LOVE ARTICHOKES!! SOO yummy and a family fave!! By this time Jared was making his Twice-Baked Potatoes, Gina, Justin, & Whitney came over, and Jayda was up from her nap. Jayda shared her artichoke with Baylee. Baylee said that Jay ate her artichoke like a she~man.. Jay loves artichokes too!! :)

Right after we were done with Aritchokes, Sjanna showed up from Las Vegas. Mom had all of her children there. (From oldest to youngest.. Sjanna, Gina, me, Justin, Aubrey, & Baylee) It was awesome having us all together! 

We had dinner together. (Barbecued Steak, Twice-Baked Potatoes, and spinach salad) Jared took care of our children's plates so that I could sit and chat with my family. Then Jared got up did his second load of dishes and made Angel Food cake with whipped cream and strawberries. He served choco cake and strawberry shortcake to everyone.

After that, the moms received gifts from their children. Some people stayed after in the living room to chat, some went for tramp time. Jared got our kids ready for bed and did the laundry (Because I have this obsession with having NO laundry in my basket) and waited for me to be done chatting for Scriptures and Prayer. It was an amazing day filled with family, relaxing, and Food!! I was still in a good mood from it all the way through Monday night!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


~So much has been happening it's hard to figure out where to start..~
Maybe if I blogged a little bit more it wouldn't be so difficult!

I think that the biggest thing that has happened since our last post was our discovery that our little baby is a BOY!! 
Jared has called every pregnancy's sex correctly and I thought for sure he couldn't get them all right. I felt for SURE that we were having a girl! He's has incredible intuition! It was such a special day! I was floating for a couple weeks after.

So.. current pregnancy status.. I am 26 weeks along. I still have 14 weeks to go which feels like an eternity! For some reason I already look 9 months pregnant and ready to pop. Maybe it's the hypothyroidism.. :( Oh well! I can loose it later! With Brandon I gained 55 lbs.. HEAVEN HELP ME~ I was much younger and my body bounced back better. I can't imagine how this is going to play out, but I think I need to start working out.. I know that I get postpartum depression but I wonder now if it's possible to get depression during pregnancy.. It's been a rough couple of weeks. On to happier things!
So, our due date started at August 10th and has moved to August 7th and then finished off at August 4th. So, We'll see!! Apparently this little boy isn't so little. He throws off all of the numbers every appointment we have! 

~My sweetheart finished his semester and his shift at work changed~ 
He went to school from 8-12:30pm and then to work from 2:30-10pm and now he goes to work at 8 and comes home at 5! It's great! I see him in the evenings for FHE, Brandon's baseball games, church activities, and the biggest part is that he is the best Dad ever and the kids get to kiss him goodnight every night! :)

Brandon has been very busy lately! It's been crazy! I never knew how rigorous baseball could be! He is practicing or having a game every day of the week excepting Sunday and Monday! He is very good! Last night he pitched for the first two innings of his game. He got this kid out and I screamed so loud I think people thought I was going into labor. :) I laughed so hard after that I was in tears. ("THAT'S MY BABY!!") Last night's game was also special because my brother, Justin, was able to help coach. Sjanna, Gina, Whitney, Mckayla, Baylee, and my girls were with Jared and I in the stands having too much fun cheering Brandon along! :)

Our little Jay has been super busy as well!! With play dates, birthdays, preschool, and shadowing mom she is the happiest helper I've ever seen! She has the most extensive imagination! I love to watch her play! She got her kindergarten shots a few weeks ago and did so remarkably well! She feels all grown up and ready to go to elementary school.. My baby's growing up!

Brookie is doing great! She has the strongest personality. Just like Jayda!! They butt heads sometimes but when they get along well it's pure bliss! I am so grateful that they are close in age! I hope it will be a blessing to them throughout their lives. BrookLynn has the sweetest spirit and has to hug and kiss everyone who leaves the room or anyone/anything she thinks is hurt. She is just precious! I can't believe she's starting preschool in the fall~

~Our lives are about to change yet again.. I think I have come to embrace change. If my life was too constant I think I'd get bored!~