Monday, April 8, 2013

SpRiNg BrEaK PaRt OnE

We had so much fun! It was crazy busy!!

Spring Break started right after school on Friday for us! We had been fighting the flu all week and were so excited for fun!!
Friday night, Jonny and Bekkah took the girls over-night and Brandon went to his best friend's 12 year old sleep over birthday party. We don't normally do Sleep-Overs unless it's family but the kids didn't sleep so does that count??

Saturday morning, we got up and grabbed Brandon and went to the annual Orme family  Easter Egg hunt! 

When we got home we dyed Easter Eggs and ate my Dad's famous hamburgers  Brandon went to The Festival of Colors with his Aunt Meg.

Once we got the kids to bed and everything ready for Easter; Mom, Gina, Aubrey, Meg (Not Bran's Aunt Meg- My Meg), and I went to see the movie The Host. I went to steal Meg's Picture off of Instagram but it wouldn't let me :(.. We had so much fun!!

Easter Sunday..
We got up and went to church. Came home and saw what the Easter Bunny had given us.. We had a Ham dinner and I think I'm going to put up some pics of the day..

Bane was so tired.. Poor Boy

It was a great Easter with Family and Chocolate!!

April 1, 2013
Brandon's 12th Birthday!!

Brandon had a few of his closest friends and family over for Pizza, Cake & Ice Cream, and backyard fun. Jared set up the PA and there was a ton of football games, basketball games, and dancing. It was great!

We had so much fun! It was an amazing time for Bran. He loved every minute of it!


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